People work quickly to shovel snow-covered sidewalks

Across the Kansas City metro Monday people tried to clean up after a weekend winter storm.

With the first snowfall of the season this past weekend, there's no doubt it would be all fun and games among children and teenagers Monday afternoon.

But for people like Steven Lee there was work to be done. The owner of Evelyn's Beauty Supply in the Crossroads neighborhood of Kansas City spent much of the morning shoveling the sidewalk outside his business.

"We weren't expecting a whole lot of snow so we was [sic] going to wait until it finishes to make sure before we do cleanup," Lee said.

His main priority on Monday was to keep his customers and the public from slipping and getting hurt, and avoid the possibility of a lawsuit.

In Kansas City, there's an ordinance that dictates that after a storm has ended, residents must remove ice or snow from sidewalks within "a reasonable time."

However, if someone calls 311 to complain about an unclear sidewalk, the property owner can face a fine ranging from $25 to $100.

Last winter, the city enforced the ordinance when back-to-back snowstorms walloped the area.

Don't talk about rules and regulations to 8-year-old Nadia Singleman; her goal is get the area around her house ready to make a snowman.

"By making a big pile of snow," she said.

Her uncle, Michael Buchanan had some advice to neighbors regarding shoveling sidewalks.

"If they can do at least do their area, everybody will be safe walking their neighborhood," Buchanan said.

At Loose Park, none of the sidewalks or walkways in or around the park had been shoveled by Monday midday.

The Kansas City Parks and recreation Department said that they are using more than a dozen workers to get their sidewalks and trailways cleared by Tuesday afternoon.

For pedestrians like Bradley Thomas, they were worried about the refreezing that's expected to occur Monday night.

"It's not been bad a lot, people have been taking care of their sidewalks it's the ice underneath," Thomas said.

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