PETA's 'human grilling' protest outside Jack Stack Barbecue promotes veganism

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A handful of protestors representing People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals took to the sidewalk in front of Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue on the Plaza during lunchtime to encourage people to stop eating animals of any kind.

One woman in the group, painted from head-to-toe in orange with black char marks, removed her dress, laid herself upon the metaphorical grill and closed her eyes to the world.

"It's revolting to think about cooking and eating a human being, but it's a reality for a lot of animals every year that are slaughtered for food," Matt Bruce said, a campaigner for PETA based out of Los Angeles.

Most people approaching the restaurant or driving by looked on in puzzlement at the demonstration while protestors handed out material to passersby and explained their position to a few of the inquisitive ones.

One local protestor, who said she'd been vegan for half her life, said she thought her efforts to convince others to become more aware of what they eat worked with conversation and small steps.

"You do what you've got to do to help whatever, and animals are the lowest form and can't help themselves," Shannon Daigle said. "You can't just sit at home and do nothing and expect things to change."

The protestors were able to recruit a few people, including a young girl, to their sign-holding cause. A manager at Jack Stack Barbecue declined to comment on the protest, which lasted for about 40 minutes.

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