Petition for Turner HS students after food fight bars them from walking at graduation

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - There are 230 comments and the number continues to grow on the 41 Action News Facebook page after we brought you the story of a senior prank gone sour at Turner High School.

Outrage over the district's decision to ban five seniors from walking at graduation after a food fight has the parents and students speaking out to try and get the decision reversed.

Tuesday, a Facebook petition started for the seniors has nearly 3,000 people invited and more than 500 have joined.

Some of the comments read in half support of the students, like "punish all involved with school scrubbing this summer, earn your diploma when punishment completed, but let them walk!!!!"

Another person commented, "let these boys walk! Everyone does a senior prank!!!!"

On Monday, we showed cell phone video of the food fight that broke out in the school’s cafeteria.

Some of the families we spoke with said there were about 100 students involved but only five seniors were suspended and told they couldn’t walk at graduation this week.

One parent told us yesterday she tried to look at the school's surveillance tape, but was told it's against school policy for her to review it.

"They say they have proof of who did it and that's why they suspended these five kids but there were more than a hundred kids involved and they don't want to show me the video," mother Resi Custer said.

“The decision has not changed. In light of the obvious safety concerns posed by the event, we believe the consequences are appropriate,” Assistant Superintendent of Business and Public Relations Dr. Jason Dandoy said Tuesday.

The school has also said that it warned seniors several times that any such behavior could jeopardize their involvement in graduation

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