Pianos on Parade: Pianos will soon go on display around Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Get ready for Pianos on Parade.

Artists are painting roughly 100 pianos that will go display around Kansas City.

"A piano is a lot of wood," said artist Whitney Manney. "So you definitely have to make sure you have good primer and paint."

Many places, including The Plaza and the Kansas City Zoo, sponsored the pianos to raise money for the Kansas City Music Teachers Association and Keys for Kids. Both groups are devoted to helping children learn how to play piano.

"I think it's awesome just to be a part of something that helps out the future of our city, and if we can do it through a creative way, I think that's the best thing possible," said Manney.

At no charge, the public can watch artists paint the pianos on Saturday at Union Station. On Sunday, the public can play the pianos.  

Then the pianos will hit the streets of Kansas City, where they will stay for the rest of the summer.

"The idea is you're walking across the city, you see a piano and you're more than welcome to just sit down and start playing the piano," said Lisa Cattanach, co-chair of Pianos on Parade.

For more information, visit http://pianosonparade.com.

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