P&L fights back against racial discrimination suit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Wednesday, the Cordish Company filed their much-anticipated counter suit against the lawyer who filed a discrimination lawsuit against them, claiming racism at Kansas City's downtown Power & Light District.

Cordish says Linda Dickens spread false statements to media outlets across the metro and claims those statements have hurt their business at Power & Light.

This year, one of the largest entertainment districts in the metro was slapped with two racial discrimination lawsuits. The allegations claimed the company hired white males or "rabbits" to start fights with African Americans  in P&L. The second lawsuit claimed the Cordish Company fired Glen Cusimano because he was black.

"Mr. Cusimano believes than in its effort to lighten up Power and Light, his dark face, his dark welcoming face need to be removed," Dickens told us in March.

However, Cordish claims that statement is false.

"It’s preposterous, it makes absolutely no sense. It's so far-fetched that I can't believe we're even talking about it,” Zed Smith, director of asset management for Cordish, told us back in March.

In the lawsuit, Cordish claims Dickens threatened witnesses to make false statements and made a "scheme to defraud the public" about the reputation of P&L. Now, the company is taking the Dickens Law Firm to court

We reached out to Dickens several times Wednesday, but have not received a response.

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