P&L ‘rabbit' says he's embarrassed about situation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Cordish Company is fighting back against allegations of racial discrimination in a new lawsuit against the Dickens Law Firm.

The man at center of this controversy is Tom, a man known as "the rabbit” who said he was paid about $4,000 to pick fights with people in KC’s downtown Power and Light district.

"Whenever it did happen, I would basically just go start trouble with them. Mix things up, usually comments about the girlfriend or clothing," Tom said.  "As soon as stuff would start to happen, the doormen and the bouncers would jump in and kick us out."

Tom would only do this interview if we agreed not to show his face, even though his full name is mentioned in the recent lawsuit.

"I'm embarrassed about it but still not right,” he said.

After picking fights for about two summers, Tom said he noticed that he was instructed to pick fights with more African Americans patrons than Caucasian.

Cordish said these claims are absolutely false and is suing attorney Linda Dickens. They claim she pushed these false statements through the media to make money.

"This is not about profit, this is about exposing an evil presence that is happening in Kansas City and the violation of civil rights laws," Dickens said.

The lawsuit could either go to trial or be settled out of court. Dickens is asking the court to throw out the most recent lawsuit.

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