Plaza carriage drivers saddle-up for cold temperatures

KANSAS CITY - As temperatures drop into the teens, 41 Action News caught up with the Plaza carriage drivers to see what they do to stay warm.

Patti Jones will spend her first winter behind the reigns this season, and says the key is wearing multiple layers.

"I have heavy cover-alls, medium weight cover-alls under that and light weight cover-alls under that," Jones said.  "I have about seven layers on right now."

She also goes through about a pack of hand and foot warmers a week.

"You learn pretty quickly how to dress for the cold," Jones said.

Tugging her along is 'Mikey,' who has been giving rides on the plaza for 13 years.

"I don't have to do much with Mikey," Jones said.  "He knows his way around.  He's basically guiding me."

Jones says the cold doesn't bother the horses at all, and the same can be said about the carriage riders.

"People will stand out here sometime for an hour, in the cold, and they're not wearing what we're wearing," Jones said.  "That's how much they enjoy it.  It's a tradition for them."

Surreys on the Plaza provides evening carriage rides starting at the coroner of Wyandotte Street and JC Nichols Road. For more information call 816-531-2673.

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