Plaza explosion displaced workers at a medical practice & spa

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - JJ's Restaurant wasn't the only business destroyed in the explosion earlier this month.

The medical practice and spa next door received enough damage to shut it down. While many workers' wages are covered by insurance, others who worked on commission aren't as lucky.

Dr. John Verstraete owns both The House of Elan Medical Spa and Plaza Physicians Group.

"We're hoping to get them back up and working part-time, too, and help them out," Verstraete said.

Joan Ferrer worked at the medical spa. Luckily, Ferrer has found a job at furniture factory in the meantime to help pay the bills.

Verstraete has already lined up a temporary location on Linwood for his medical practice.

Now he is focusing on his employees at the spa like Ferrer who works solely on commission. It will be about six months before those employees could be back to work at the Plaza location.

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