Police: Be prepared for an active shooter

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Be prepared.  Local law enforcement reminds citizens that active shooter situations happen any and everywhere, during the aftermath of a deadly mass shooting in Seattle.

An engineering student who choose to take action is credited with saving lives at Seattle's Pacific University, after a lone gunman opened fire, killing one and injuring three.

Action, active shooter trainers in the metro say everyone should be prepared to take

That kind of quick response is part of active shooter training that is taking place all over the metro.

Captain Rance Quinn with the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department is training all Unified Government employees on how to avoid, deny and defend against a gunman.

"It's very important that us as citizens and members of our community take action to defend our selves to survive the situation until police get there," Quinn said.

Kevin Cluskey recently completed his training seminar.

"It makes you more aware of what's going on. But i really don't want to change my habits based on a few bad situations," he said. "I like to go on life as normal but with the understanding that there is something going on in the back of my head."

On Thursday, a lone gunman at Seattle Pacific University killed one person and injured 3 others in a matter of seconds. A shooting rampage cut short by an engineering student who took action.

Jon Meis pepper sprayed and tackled the shooter.

"They decided to defend themselves. It's very important to do that. You can't just sit back and wait to be killed by someone. You need to take action. You need to not panic," Quinn shared.

Other students at Seattle Pacific University piled on and took the weapon away from suspected shooter Aaron Ybarra.

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