Police: man is in jail for throwing dog from a window, killing it

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 23-year-old Missouri man is in jail for throwing a dog from a third story building and killing it.

Oliver and his owner Gabby were inseparable.  

"He was like a child to us," Gabby’s mother Debbie Ervie said.

But this past weekend changed that forever.

"That was the phone call I never wanted to get, but I was just glad it was her voice and not a police officer," Ervie said.

Happy Gabby is not hurt, the family of animal lovers is missing Oliver dearly.

According to court records, the Missouri State University student was out in Springfield with a group of friends including 23-year-old William Rabourn.

Police said after Gabby rejected Rabourn's sexual advances on a party bus they were riding, the group left him at a gas station.

A neighbor, Jennifer Jarrell, then witnessed Rabourn beating on Gabby's apartment door.

"He was just continuously backing up and kicking it, backing up and kicking it, backing up and kicking it," Jarrell said.

The report read that the "bottom two hinges of the door had been pulled off the left side of the door jam” and that the “deadbolt was still in the locked position on the door and locked."

It goes on to say he then found Oliver and quote threw the dog "overhand" out of a window just over "46 feet."

"What hurts the most is what little Oliver was thinking when he was in his kennel hearing the door being broken down," Ervie said.

Gabby goes back to school soon, this time without Oliver, and still a little scared.

"We have got to count our blessings that she wasn't there, because we don't know what would have happened," Ervie said.

She warns all women to be careful.

"Someone who can do this to a little puppy probably shouldn't be in our community," Ervie said.

According to Rose Brooks Domestic Shelter - 86 percent of abuse starts with an animal and 40 percent of women in an abusive situation will not leave if they can't take their pet or pets.

That's why Rose Brooks opened a pet shelter in 2012 so they can house the animals of abuse victims.

"That's a huge amount of women that we are leaving behind by not providing this pet shelter, a safe place to for not only women but also for their pets and we want to be accessible to the whole family so that includes children and the furry kids as well," Zoe Agnew-Svoboda, the Rose Brooks Pet Shelter Advocate, said.

Rose Brooks said it can hold five dogs and six cats. It's looking for foster families to take in pets while their owners find a safer place to stay.

For more information visit the Rose Brooks website at: https://www.rosebrooks.org/

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