Cell phone video shows struggle before firefighter Anthony Bruno shot, killed by KCPD officer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A police file released Tuesday details the moments before a Kansas City police officer shot and killed a newlywed firefighter in December of last year .

Along with the report, cell phone video taken by bystanders shows the struggle before the shots were fired.

Don Hubbard, an officer for 17 years working in uniform off-duty, said he saw Anthony Bruno running down the alley after a scuffle with a cab driver. Hubbard chased after Bruno down an alley not far from the hotel where the incident happened.

The officer identified himself as a cop and tried to put Bruno in handcuffs, but said he was unable to do so.

Hubbard said in the report that when he looked up to ask for help, he saw people recording video from their cell phones. In the video, the officer is heard yelling that he needs help, followed by the attack right before shots are fired. Hubbard suffered multiple major injuries during the scuffle, according to reports released today and immediately after the incident.

A grand jury issued a no-true bill after viewing the evidence, including the video, meaning Hubbard would not face charges for killing Bruno.

According to Hubbard's statement released today, he saw Bruno run away down an alley after being involved in an altercation at a cab. Hubbard stated he began struggling with Bruno, who eventually overpowered him and put the officer in fear for his life. He stated he was about to black out when he fired his weapon twice, striking Bruno in the chest.

In police interviews, wife Stephanie Bruno said she and her husband had been drinking that night, but that they weren't drunk. She said their party had a dispute with a cab driver over a fare and that her husband struck the taxi driver. Michael Ferrante, Anthony Bruno's cousin, said the cab driver insulted Stephanie Bruno and threw her money back at her, causing Anthony Bruno to "slap(ped) him on the back of his head."

Ahmad Alomari, the cab driver, said Bruno struck him "ten, fifteen times" during their altercation. He had a cut on his face and pain on the face, neck and back, according to a statement he made to police.

The cameraman Jason Reinhard, contacted by 41 Action News, said he was walking to his car when he saw the altercation and captured it on video.

"I was just a bystander," Reinhard said.

He said he didn't want to comment further.

A woman at the scene, Ashley Janzen told 41 Action News, the tragedy is multifaceted with the loss of one life and so many people emotionally wounded.

"This was a 26-year-old who died," Janzen said. "He was a firefighter. The cop was young…and it started from a $6 fare. My heart goes out to the families," she said.

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