At least one area person seriously injured due to fireworks usage over holiday weekend

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some people are riding out this Monday with life-changing injuries from fireworks.

We do know one man in Kansas City nearly lost his hand off Saturday, according to Kansas City Police, after apparently using too many fireworks at once.

An expert at the University of Kansas Hospital said the said, in his experience, many of the injures are from mortar type fireworks, like a Roman Candle.

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"Sometimes it's people manipulating, sometimes it will be homemade things, sometimes it's just not thinking and sometimes it's a malfunction of the firework itself,” said Richard Korentager, the Chair of Plastic Surgery at the University of Kansas Hospital. “Fireworks are inherently dangerous. We are dealing with things that are designed to explode."

Most of the numbers aggregated by 41 Action News are from Friday through Sunday.

St. Joseph Medical Center and Truman Medical Center both only reported one injury.

While Research Medical Center reported nine incidents, the University of Kansas Hospital treated the most. Twenty-six different people were hurt and taken to that hospital with firework related injuries. The average patient was a 26-year-old male, according to a hospital spokesperson.

Korentaker said he's seen so many 3rd-degree burns and amputated fingers from the fireworks exploding too close to the body and he reminds people to please leave the display up to the experts.

Popping fireworks is illegal inside the city limits of Kansas City, although many of them are still heard. Most of these are sold at fireworks stands in legal areas and then transported over. Officers also recovered more powerful explosives, including a half-stick of dynamite. All of it will be destroyed.

Kansas City Police got 436 calls about fireworks on Independence Day. Overland Park Police said they had 146 calls about fireworks over the weekend and they arrested 44 people. Fines for a fireworks violation in Overland Park are between $200 and $500. Lee's Summit police got 30 calls on the holiday and Olathe received 97.

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