Police: new leads in cases of missing KC women

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two Kansas City women were strangers before Friday night. However, Brenda Lamson and Bridget McKeown both share an indescribable heartache; they both lost their loved ones more than 10 years ago and their bodies still haven’t been found. They met for the first time at a support group for Parents of Murdered Children in Kansas City. Both families are begging for someone with information to come forward.

"You never know how it feels to lose a loved one and never know where they are," Lamson said. 

Her daughter, Tabitha Brewer and her daughter’s boyfriend Nick Travis disappeared in April of 1998. Police eventually found Travis’ body but never found Tabitha.

"I'll never have closure because we never even got to say goodbye,” she said.

In August of 2002, Bridget McKeown’s 71-year-old mother Shirley McKeown disappeared.

"I knew something and I was trying to convince police that she wasn't a runaway at 71 years old. It was a little difficult, but after 10 days they found the car," McKeown said.

Police eventually found her mother’s car filled with her mother’s blood but they never found Shirley McKeown’s body.

“I want my mother’s remains back. Is she in a field? Is she in a lake? In a creek? In a dumpster?" she said.

Now both women share the same detective, Seargent Everett Babcok. He’s been working on Tabitha Brewer’s case for the last several years and recently reopened Shirley McKeown’s case.

"I have talked to people who could make the phone call right this minute and take me to both of those bodies. Please call 474-TIPS call me, call a church, call somebody and just get us to the bodies and let us take care of them," Babcock said. 

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