Woman abducted from KC North home today found safe

Suspect taken into custody in Mission, Kan.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police said Sunday evening that a woman abducted from her Northland home earlier that day has been found OK and that her alleged abductor has been arrested.

No other details were immediately available as to how and where the woman, Jacqui Nickole VanBebber, was located, nor about how her alleged abductor, David Morgan, was taken into custody.

VanBebber, 37, was missing all day after witnesses said her ex-boyfriend, Morgan, age 39, broke into her home around 4 a.m., threw her over his shoulder and took off.

Kansas City, Mo. police classified the incident as a kidnapping and said VanBebber could be in danger. The crime happened in the 8100 block of North Main Street.

VanBebber's roommate, John Allen, identified the kidnapper as Morgan. Allen described the kidnapping to 41 Action News.

"He's banging on the window and the door, then he kicked the door open," Allen said.

He said Morgan then went for VanBebber's bedroom.

"Kicked it open, beat up the dude inside there and went to her bathroom door, punched holes through the door, let (himself) in there, put her over his shoulder and carried her out to his car," Allen described.

Allen said he ran out the front door after the two, but was too late.

"Ran my butt off, and he's driving down the street with the car door open and her yelling for me," Allen said.

He said VanBebber and Morgan had a rocky relationship. Allen said the couple broke up months ago, but VanBebber - a mother of three - was so scared of Morgan that she recently installed security cameras and took out a restraining order.

"Anybody who goes to those measures, sees the cameras, has a restraining order, knows he's being videotaped and doesn't care, that pretty much tells you he's given up on life," Allen said.

Kansas City Police Capt. Steve Young said Sunday afternoon that officers searched for the pair at five different homes, but thus far had found nothing.

Then, around 8 p.m., KCMO Police sent out a series of emails saying that VenBebber had been found safe and that the suspect has been taken into custody in Mission, Kan., "without incident."

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