Premature babies from Overland Park have surprise bonding moment on Today Show

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Twin sisters from Overland Park, Kan., have a special bond that was captured by a still photographer while a video photographer was taping a segment for the Today Show. The story of twins Olivia and Brooklyne aired Tuesday. Their parents, Kerrie Curtin and Dominic Zappa were moved to tears by what their twins did.

"I think I got even more emotional when I saw the pictures and watched the video after it happened," Curtin said.

When the twins were born in March at Overland Park Regional Medical Center, they weighed only three pounds and were kept in separate isolettes. 

Still photographer Jessicaa Strom took pictures of the twins from birth capturing their journey.  Three weeks after they were born, the Today Show sent a video photographer to catch Strom in action.  During that photoshoot, the twins did something both parents will never forget.

"They had been separated since they were born and when we placed them side-by-side, they both reached their arms out and held hands," Curtin said. "It was such a surprise and such a special moment."

Strom was equally amazed and was quick to capture the moment with her camera.

"That's another reason I love doing what I do because babies are full of surprises," Strom said.

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