Pro-Palestinian group in Kansas City protests Israeli troops in Gaza

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Even though that conflict is going on thousands of miles away, a pro-Palestinian group protested on Sunday in Kansas City.

The protests occurred at the Nichols Fountain on the Plaza.

Group members said they're protesting on behalf of Palestinians living in Gaza. They said Gaza has been under a six-year siege from Israel and strict Israeli military occupation for decades.

Now they're protesting the aerial bombardment from Israeli warplanes while they said Gaza has no army.

They're asking the U.S. to suspend aid to Israel.

“We can ask our senators and lawmakers and our president to withdraw all support for the state of Israel and act like a responsible state over the occupied people,” Fatima Mohammadi, a pro-Palestinian protester, said.

A man who visited Israel recently said Israel is under attack too. He had only 60 seconds to run and take cover.

“People are experiencing for the first time ... Visiting the country are surprised  and it can be upsetting … Unfortunately for the people who live there, it's a normal way of life, and I feel for these people,” Derek Gale with the Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City said.

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laid the blame for civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip on the terrorist group Hamas.

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