Procter & Gamble donates $100K to Habitat house

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Procter & Gamble are gave more than a hand to Heartland Habitat for Humanity.

The organization donated $100,000 toward the completion of a new house. Celebrating, crews broke ground at the future home site at 12th and Osage Avenue in Kansas City, Kan., Monday. The site is big enough that it can fit two Habitat homes.

“We feel that when we have a couple houses in a block in a neighborhood, we are really adding to the value of that entire neighborhood and we’re supporting our Habitat owners with one another,” Tom Lally with Heartland Habitat for Humanity said.

Habitat for Humanity is still looking for a family for the home. Whoever is picked will have to do $350 hours of “sweat equity” and actually build their home and another family’s home.

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