Proposed balloon release in Prairie Village to raise money for pet's medical bills angers some

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - A proposed balloon release to raise money and honor animals is a contentious point in Prairie Village.

Christine Gregory, who owns Queen of Paws Boutique and Spa, came up with the idea to pay for a dog's medical bills with a balloon release. She also says the release would serve as a good tribute to past pets.

She says she's also heard from a handful of people who are upset over the plan to release balloons into the air, claiming it would harm wildlife when they eventually land. Those who disagree with the idea of a balloon release have claimed they don't degrade fast enough and remain a threat to animals long after they're gone.

"We're not using string. We're not using paper," said Gregory. "It's all biodegradable."

Veterinarians and the Prairie Village Parks Department have approved the release. The event is scheduled for June 22 at Shawnee Mission Park. Each balloon is $5.

Gregory told the Prairie Village Post she would also offer candles in addition to the balloons .

In a post on her Facebook page, Gregory is receiving mostly negative feedback on her idea.


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