Prosecutor will not charge man for kicking, killing Olathe dog

OLATHE, Kan. - Charges will not be filed against a man accused of stomping and killing a six-year-old Yorkie.

The Olathe Municipal Prosecutor's office dismissed the citation as of Monday.

Back in July, the six-pound dog named Precious got loose from her leash and ran toward another dog being walked by Carl Henrichson down the sidewalk.  

According to Precious' owner Donna Limbaugh, that's when Henrichson stepped on the dog and held her down.

Henrichson said he was worried the Yorkie would bite him or his pet.  He says he kicked Precious to keep her away, but then accidently stepped on her.

Precious was taken to the veterinary's office after she was having trouble breathing. The dog had sustained lung and brain injuries. She was euthanized the next day. 

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