Prosecutors weigh in on case while parents hope for new laws

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Blair Shanahan Lane's parents speak out just as police have a big break in the case .

Police say they've found a gun and four possible suspects. Blair was killed by a stray bullet on the Fourth of July.

Right now prosecutors are looking over the case and say it may take several days to decide what, if any, charges will be filed.

Tuesday, Blair's mother looked through the album from the 11-year-old's celebration of life, which was held Saturday.

Michele Shanahan-DeMoss's living room is filled with mementos, flowers, and green bracelets recognizing the organ donations- the new life made possible for others by Blair.

"To sit here and put it all in one room, in one moment, it's amazing, even to me, to realize how special she really... she really was," said Shanahan-DeMoss.

Blair's parents will use her passion for getting things done to push for a new law that would toughen the penalty for shooting off guns.

They would want it called "Blair's Law."

"Because what goes up, comes down somewhere," said Blair's mom.

Blair was shot in the neck on the Fourth of July. She was at an uncle's house at 43rd and Pittman in Kansas City.

Police believe the bullet came from an apartment complex several blocks away.

It apparently traveled across a lake and through a wooded area.
Police found a gun and say four men have admitted to shooting it around the time Blair was hit.

"It's also so unbelievable that they could find where it came from and actually find someone that shot it," said Blair's stepfather, Brian DeMoss.

Blair once expressed interest in becoming a police officer.

"I feel she's worked hand in hand, or I would like to think, as her mom, that she has a little input," said Michele, think that perhaps, Blair is helping the investigation from heaven.

Blair's parents want Missouri to pass a law like Arizona's called "Shannon's Law."

Shannon Smith was a 14-year-old Phoenix girl killed by a stray bullet. That law raised the penalty from misdemeanor to a felony for firing guns randomly.

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