Puppy rescued after being burned, abused

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - **WARNING: The pictures in the above video are graphic.**

A puppy has been rescued after she was burned and abused.

A Craigslist ad offered free 8-week-old lab mix puppies because the owner was abusing them.

Unleashed Pet Rescue responded to the ad to take the puppies in.

One puppy who they named Bridget showed up with severe chemical burns inside and out.

Danielle Reno, President of Unleashed explained, "She has chemical burns that they believe is from bleach that start on her face, on the back of her head, inside of her mouth, go down to her throat and are as far as her throat so far."

Bridget underwent emergency surgery on Monday.

Unleashed de-wormed the other two puppies, and they appeared to be in good health.

However, Bridget's injuries were unlike anything Reno's ever seen.

"I've seen some pretty rough stuff but never a puppy that was force fed a chemical substance that burned almost their entire body, no," Reno said.

The litter came from a home in Kansas City, Kan. All three puppies lived outside, even during the recent snowstorms.

Reno said the rescue group will pursue legal action for this abuse.

"As far as the owner, we hope the legal system can take care of him, if not, karma will," Reno said.

The other two puppies will be up for adoption in two weeks.

Bridget's initial surgery cost over $5,000 and will need several months to recover. You can help by donating here.

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