Push for changes after child killed by van in the Northland

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sunday night a community mourned the loss of an 8-year-old boy and pushed for changes.

Dozens of neighbors lit candles and huddled around the memorial where Jordan Hale died Saturday. They urged people driving by to slow down and chanted "safety first."

Hale died after he was hit by a minivan while skateboarding.  Another 6-year-old was listed in serious condition.

Hale lived at the Walnut Grove apartment, along with dozens of other children his age. Every day three buses fill up with elementary school kids from the complex.

Neighbors say it isn't uncommon to see young children play in the parking lot near busy NE Winn Road.

"Most of them are usually up there at the playground area,” neighbor Karen Black said. “But the ones down here, they just run all around.”

The complex tried to get a new, better playground for all the kids to play on instead of in the street, but residents say it's been difficult to get funding for it.

"They were talking about it, they tried to get like a skateboard area and they just haven't gotten the OK to do it yet,” Black said. “They just have the little small playground up there and nothing really down here for all of these kids."

The complex started an online fund to help raise money for the playground.

Neighbors also expressed the need for sidewalks off the streets and near the bus stops.

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