Quick Pick nets Kansas City woman Sheila Anderson $169,000 in Missouri Lottery's Show Me Cash game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City woman is ready to start 2013 with a financial bang.

Sheila Anderson, 45, won the $169,000 jackpot on the Dec. 17 Missouri Lottery Show Me Cash game.

Anderson, an administrative assistant, said she's been playing the game with the same numbers for years.

But during a trip to get coffee at the QuikTrip at 63rd Street in Raytown, she went with a feeling and also bought a Quick Pick ticket, which was the one that ended up matching all five numbers 19, 23, 31, 33 and 34.

"I held my heart and fell to the ground," she said of the moment after she checked her ticket on the store's machine after the drawing. "I asked the clerk standing near me to get the manager, who I know, because I go in there all of the time."

She said after confirming with the store manager she was indeed a winner, she returned to her car and "cried and screamed" in delight.

"I'm going to pay off my house!" she exclaimed. "That's what I wanted for Christmas, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do that. Now I can!"

Paying off her mortgage isn't the only dream that is coming true for Anderson.

"We never had a honeymoon," she said of herself and her husband, who just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. "We're going to go somewhere this summer - maybe Jamaica or a cruise."

She said after relinquishing herself of her monthly house payment and going on a belated honeymoon, she'll use the rest to help family members and save for retirement. 

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