Faith community unites after JCC tragedy

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The triple murders at two Jewish properties Sunday in Overland Park, Kan. , happened on the eve of Passover.  Senior Rabbi, Art Nemitoff of The Temple, Congregation B'Nai Jehudah, said the shootings and deaths will be on the hearts and minds of the Jewish community as they celebrate the holiday.

Rabbi Nemitoff talked candidly about how Jews have unfortunately been targeted throughout history.

"This is no different and it is still senseless that because of our religious beliefs that some people want to kill us,” Nemitoff said.

The Rabbi said that his message to people is not to lose hope.

"I will tell people that we must never forget the people who lost their lives and we must stand united together to say it's wrong," he said. "Our faith is tested but we cannot lose our hope."

Rabbi Nemitoff said that is why Jewish leaders in Overland Park and clergy from throughout the community are hosting a Communal Service of Unity and Hope on Thursday at 10 a.m. at the Jewish Community Center.

"It's a service to unify our entire community regardless of faith to say that we will stand together and support one another to find the strength to move forward,” Nemitoff said.

Rabbi Nemitoff said he would not have anything to say to the man suspected of killing the three victims.

"I would not have anything to say to him because he doesn't deserve our attention. This is not about him, it's about the victims and their families," he said.

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