Hyde Park home sales, tax assessments don't match

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As hundreds of Jackson County residents appeal an increase in their property tax assessments, some are trying to appeal to home buyers, too. The real estate market, they say, shows the real value of homes in neighborhoods like Hyde Park.

Ben Nemenoff's home has already been on the market for a few months, but he is getting a clearer picture of his home's true value. He had to reduce the price to $235,000. Then he got his property tax assessment.

"All of a sudden it just went up ... $80,000," he said.

That sent his appraised value $20,000 over his asking price for the home.

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Hyde Park realtor Pam Anderson Gard has already gotten 15 calls from people in the neighborhood upset over what they consider to be inflated assessments. Pam is one of them -- she's a resident, too. 

"The value of my home increased by almost $100,000," she said. "I'm not seeing that in the marketplace."

She admits that in the early years of the restoration of Hyde Park, "we were getting away with murder on values."

But, a few years ago, the neighborhood saw a major increase in values, and neighbors didn't complain then. 

"For the most part, we felt comfortable with what we had to pay," she said. "This time, we just don't understand where the values are coming from."

So far, 600 people have filed appeals on their property tax assessments. The deadline to file an informal appeal is June 14th. You can do so on the phone or online at the Jackson County Assessor's website.

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