Woman found after water rescue at Blue River near Highway 71 and 87th Street ends

UPDATE: The missing woman has been found at her in-law's house and is OK. Authorities had terminated the river search a few hours before announcing they found her. 


Three rescue boats from the Kansas City Fire Department searched the Big Blue River Thursday morning after a woman reportedly fell in during Wednesday night's thunderstorm.

A total of 18 firefighters searched; 12 on the river and six on the shore.

Crews initially setup at the Gregory Boulevard crossing, but couldn't find a good access point so they moved down stream to 63rd Street.

There is very little information on the victim.

According to KCFD spokesman James Garrett, the victim and her friend were walking near the water.

According to the friend, the woman got swept away.

Firefighters say it's possible she may have gotten out on her own, but they still want to search to make sure.

"Because of them being homeless, we don't know if somebody could've gotten out of the water and may not have contacted anyone," Garrett said. "So we have to search and do our due diligence to make sure that there is no one entrapped or caught or that we have to recover from the creek at all."

Rescuers used polls to search the bottom of the river.

"What generally happens in a drowning is if an individual takes a breath, then their lungs fill up with water, and they go to the bottom," Garrett said. "So sometimes it takes a little time for them to come back up."




This is a developing story. We will update it as soon as we confirm more information. 

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