River Market residents see neighborhood revival

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you've been to the River Market on the weekends, you know it's packed with people. And now, some residents are saying it could look like that every day due to new development of the area.

Many River Market residents say sometimes their neighborhood gets a bad rap.

“The worst thing that I feel is going to happen down here is your car might get broken into,” resident Matthew Owens said.

A couple of years ago, violent rape incidents put a black eye on the area. But former residents say new development has changed the landscape of the neighborhood, making it safer.

“I got my car broken into, there were a lot more homeless people down there than I see walking around here now, yeah, but I didn’t feel as safe because there wasn’t this many people down here,” former resident Alistair Tutton said.

Now, there may be more people flocking to the area as a developer announced this week their plans to invest $50 million in a new apartment complex. The much-anticipated streetcar will also connect River Market to other parts of the city.

“I feel like there is a disconnect between River Market to all the way in Brookside so I think it would be awesome for the people needing to get to work from this area and those who don’t have transportation to be able to do that,” Lauren Plemons said, a River Market visitor.

The development is expected to be have 300 apartment units and is waiting for approval from the planning commission.

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