RNC to make announcement about 2016 convention today

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Wednesday, we will find out more about Kansas City's bid to host the 2016 Republican National Convention.

The RNC sent out a statement Tuesday night saying they will make an announcement about next steps in the site selection process. The field will likely be narrowed about 11 a.m., local time, a GOP spokesman told 41 Action News, but the specific time would be determined by how long the committee meets today.

The announcement would come via the RNC's @GOP Twitter account .

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Kansas City, Denver, Dallas and Cleveland are the finalists to host the convention. Early Wednesday morning, the NBC affiliate in Denver, KUSA Channel 9, reported on its website that Kansas City and Cleveland would be eliminated outright and that Dallas could be chosen as the GOP's pick .

On Wednesday, the Republican party will either announce Dallas as its pick to host the party's 2016 national convention or that Dallas and Denver are the only two cities left in the running.

Sources close to the negotiations tell 9NEWS that Denver is struggling to match the fundraising effort of Dallas, which has public funds available for attracting conventions.

Organizers of the Denver bid pledged early on to mount their effort with only private money.

One source tells 9NEWS that Cleveland and Kansas City lack the infrastructure the RNC site selection committee wants for the event in the next presidential cycle.

41 Action News has not confirmed these reports. We will continue to follow this story throughout the day up to and after the expected announcement.

The Northeast Ohio Media Group spoke with Ohio GOP chairman, Matt Borges, who told them KUSA's report about Cleveland's elimination was similar to what he's heard in recent days .

In a telephone interview Wednesday morning, Ohio GOP Chairman Matt Borges said a report out of Denver that Cleveland is about to be eliminated from contention meshes with what he's heard from party sources in recent days.


"What's being reported by other news outlets this morning -- that has been the scuttlebutt for a couple of days," Borges told the Northeast Ohio Media Group.

Borges, who has been involved in Cleveland's pitch, stressed that he's not a member of the site selection team and that no one has confirmed a final decision. But he also said he has in recent days lowered his expectations about landing the convention.

Earlier this month, a joint Kansas/Missouri effort rolled out the red carpet for the Republicans in an effort to convince them to choose Kansas City as its host city for the 2016 national convention. The bid included a special guest appearance by former Vice President Dick Cheney and other prominent politicos.

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