Rockhurst University students forced to find new housing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some Rockhurst University students felt left on the street when the found out they’ll have to find new housing this school year.

The school sent a notice to around 60 juniors and seniors that there were inspection issues with their campus housing.

Lauren Brennan thought it was kind of late notice. She received an email from the school explaining what happened. Brennan was relieved she didn’t live in any of the homes affected because her search process was lengthy.

“I think a lot of people are scrambling because we looked so early in February and it's kind of a long process,” she said.

In a statement Rockhurst explained:

In mid-June, as part of our continuing efforts to ensure that facilities are maintained at a high standard, Rockhurst conducted an inspection of the houses that we rent to students. Unfortunately, the inspection identified a number of maintenance issues that require significant repairs. Despite our desire to complete the repairs promptly, repairs on some of the houses will not be complete by the fall semester. We are working individually with each displaced student to find other housing. In addition, we are working hard to ease the burden of this late notice. We notified the students by email and are following up with phone calls to every affected student. We are encouraging them to work with our staff members who will personally answer their questions. We deeply regret this situation, but want to make sure that all the mechanical systems are in proper working order before the students move in.

Director of Public Relations

One student expected to live in a house owned by the university on Tracy Avenue. She wasn’t happy about the news.

The University said they will work individually with each displaced student. The email also offered up some residence hall spots, a meal plan and a parking pass.

Another senior hoped to find a house close to campus because the parking pass wouldn’t help him since he doesn’t have a car.

Classes start in August.

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