Rose shortage just in time for Valentine's Day, but who pays?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With less than a week to go before one of the busiest holidays for florists, some wholesale rose growers are experiencing a shortage because of severe weather across the country.

Christopher West, the retail manager at Studio Dan Meiners, said the stock market and weather are big factors in the cost of flowers, especially roses.

"I heard that Colombia and Ecuador, where most of the roses come from for the United States, they experienced a heat wave," West said.

Florists in Kansas City believe the planning they did in the last year will payoff, so prices will stay steady for consumers.    

"We eat it for the fact that we want everybody's business," West said.

House of Flowers Owner Marva Wills also started pre-ordering roses at the end of last year to help off-set any additional costs due to weather or gas prices.

"It's not costing the customer any more money, but it certainly costs us more," Wills said.

The shop Wills owns has been a flower shop since 1949. Her family business relies on Valentine's Day for more than just a boost in sales.

"We've seen where Valentine's Day has helped us pay the utilities for the rest of the year," Wills said.

The passion she has for flowers and her customers shines through this time of year.

"In the long run, it's really not about the money or I would be in a different business," Wills said.

Each florists said customers should not notice a price increase this coming week since they set the price for a dozen roses weeks ago for promotions.

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