Despite recent victories, Royals struggling for fans in the stands

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Yankees great Derek Jeter will play another baseball game after all in Kansas City. The Royals postponed the game until Aug. 25 because of the rainy weather.

The team is likely relieved about that because the number of fans in the stands during the entire Yankees series were less than desired.

They were hoping a big name like Jeter and a big name team like the Yankees would knock it out of the ballpark with fans, but the 38,177-seat stadium averaged less than 25,000 in the stands, about 65 percent capacity, and only expected 18,000 fans on Monday prior to the postponement.

"It's always a lot more enjoyable when the Royals are good," said Royals fan Joseph Bryden.

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The team knows winning players fill the stands. Even though the Royals are 7-4 over their past 11 games, the team has failed to sell out the stadium against premium teams like the Cardinals and Yankees.

Waning attendance during the last two decades has forced the MLB and the Royals to try to make it a good experience off the field too.

"T-shirts and fireworks are great, but nothing replaces winning in the field," said Toby Cook, the Royals VP of communications.

Still, the Royals have increased its revenue, in part due to its recent change to its Dynamic Pricing structure. That means fans will pay more to watch premium teams. During the Yankees games, some Kauffman Stadium tickets in the fancier club level seats increased from $64 to $122. The more affordable Fountain seats rose $10. Those seats did not sell as well.

It's a pricing structure more professional teams are moving to and fans know why.

"When the big boys play, you gotta pay," said Royals fan Wayne Juhl.

But after this soggy sweep and attendance striking out, the Royals may have to do some readjusting.

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