Salvation Army cracks eggs for good cause

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Salvation Army was cracking some eggs for a good cause Saturday morning. It was all part of the 32nd annual Salvation Army Omelet Brunch, hosted by the Women's Auxiliary.

This was volunteer Annette Kruger's first time taking part in the event. She said after making her 10th omelet, she had the hang of things.

"Well there is not much technique, it is just a little bit of the stirring, and you keep it moving so it doesn't stick. And then just try to flip it. I'm not as good as some the other guys, I am afraid the toppings will fall out," said Kruger.

Kruger's omelets seemed to be going over well with the crowd. Fresh toppings included mushrooms, sausage and cheese. Supporters felt good about taking part in the event.

"I think the Salvation Army does a lot for a lot of people, and it is nice to be able to participate in something," said Kim Grimes after finishing her omelet.

The Salvation Army hopes to raise around $8,000 from the brunch. The money will support Salvation Army programs including a children's shelter.

"The children's shelter has been around for several years, and basically it is a program where the government has taken children from their homes because of the situation in their homes, were detrimental to the kids," said Major Charles Smith.

Currently, the shelter is caring for about 20 children. The money from the omelet brunch will help the kids in the areas of education, clothing and other expenses.

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