Kansas City woman gets surprise she'll never forget from husband serving in Afghanistan

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A flash mob invaded Union Station Saturday afternoon. It wasn't your ordinary flash mob, however.

The group of young dancers was there to entertain a woman who was the unsuspecting target of a day of surprises and shopping.

Lea Finfera's Army husband showered her with the day of gifts, even though he is serving overseas.

He gave her a video message from Afghanistan Saturday morning.

He told her to get up to prepare herself for an "epic" day of fun, courtesy of him.

Along the way, she was surprised with lunch, a new Coach purse, spending money, chocolates and a flash-mob serenade.

"It's amazing, wonderful!! I'm not used to all of this attention!" Finfera said, a little embarrassed.

It is a day she said she would remember for the rest of her life.

She revealed her husband has been sneaky before.

"He has sent me away for a girls night out, and he has thrown me a surprise party," she said.

"Why do you think he does this?" a reporter asked.

"Because he loves me. He's a good, good man," Finfera replied.

Finfera deserves it. She and her husband have four children.

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