School apologizes for 'soul food' menu for Black History Month

School: We are ashamed, embarrassed

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis school is apologizing for a "soul food" lunch menu that offended many students, teachers and parents.

In an attempt to highlight Black History Month, the lunch staff at Park Tudor School served fried chicken, collard greens and a soul food bar Wednesday.

The lunch staff said they were only trying to celebrate Black History Month, but the school apologized Thursday for the menu that many said was offensive.

The menu made its way onto social media after it was posted to the school’s website, and the comments came pouring in.

Park Tudor's Director of Diversity and Inclusion, John Daves, said the plans were made by the lunch staff without administrators' knowledge or approval.

"We're really embarrassed and ashamed that this has happened," Daves said.

Daves said students and teachers quickly approached him about their objections.

"The problem is equating Black History Month with fried chicken and the idea of soul food, that somehow that is a celebration of a very important month," Daves said.

Administrators said they believe this was a well-intentioned idea by the lunch staff -- it was just misguided.

Since the issue started gaining traction on social media, the school has removed the menu posting for Feb. 26.

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