School in Orrick, Mo., damaged after tornado reopens despite missing roof

Orrick students excited for a new beginning

ORRICK, Mo - Students in Orrick returned to the school they never imagined they’d get to see again after an EF-2 tornado ripped through the city in May, destroying much of the school .

Along with classrooms, the tornado also damaged the science lab and destroyed the agriculture room. The portion of the building with those classrooms will have to be torn down.

Despite what happened in May, on Wednesday morning, teachers and students were excited to return to school. A group of students formed a tunnel at the front entrance to cheer students on as they walked in. There was also an assembly inside the gym, decked out with a new floor and rook, to kick off the new school year. 

Everyone was happy the building is once again filled with students.

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“We have a staff here from our custodial staff to our superintendent, our principals, all of the teachers, that have come together and just worked so hard to make this building, make it home again and to make it the place where kids are comfortable and to make it, you know, the place it was,” said Missy Werle, whose science classroom was destroyed.

“Some people weren't even sure if we would start school on time,” said senior Sam Fulte. “So the fact that the school is put back together pretty, I mean, more than i expected and it looks really nice, I mean, that just shows the strength of everyone, you know they're really to help make donations and get things rolling."

Administrators say city leaders plan to decide later this year whether to rebuild the damaged portion of the school and possibly connect it to the side that’s still in use.

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