School leaders work weekends to attract Google fiber

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - How would you like free internet in your home? That is what Google is offering customers in areas it is calling fiber-hoods who sign up and meet the 10 percent interest deadline by September 9.

The promise of incredibly fast internet access has proven popular for local residents, and local schools are fueling the demand, as they would benefit with free access to schools in neighborhoods connecting to the high speed service.

Administrators in the Center School District are canvassing their neighborhood trying to get more people signed up. If their Marlborough Community can meet Google's 10 percent requirement, the Center School district will get free internet access for their elementary and alternative schools.

Principal Sharon Nibbelink believes the free access would help their annual budget and improve learning.

"I really like to see kids have internet access because it changes their world. It takes them from an urban neighborhood in Kansas City to a global world where they can access and learn about things that are not within their world without internet," said Nibbelink

Nibbelink and several volunteers went door to door Saturday morning telling homeowners in the Marlborough neighborhood about Google fiber and how their pre-registration could help the students in the neighborhood and the Center School District.

Google Fiber has selected Kansas City as the first city in the nation to receive high speed internet access with fiber optic lines being connected directly to the home. The neighborhoods who get the high speed internet access first are the neighborhoods who show the most interest during the pre-registration period which ends September 9.

One of the pricing plans includes a one-time construction fee of $300 followed by at least 7 years guaranteed free internet service.

To see if your neighborhood is eligible for Google Fiber, visit for Kansas fiber-hoods and for Missouri fiber-hoods.

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