Security tight at Uptown Theater ahead of President Obama's speech on the economy

At the Uptown Theater, members of President Barack Obama's security team conducted a full security sweep at 6 a.m.

Several Kansas City Police Officers crowded around the theater and police tape and barriers lined the street.

The 1,000 people who secured a ticket for Wednesday morning's speech will be able to get into the doors at 8:30 a.m.

Dozens of people with tickets lined up outside the theater Tuesday evening. They're hoping to get a good seat inside the theater.

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The President's speech will focus on the economy. He's expected to highlight his own economic policies, and hopes to draw a contrast between what House Republicans have planned today.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest tells 41 Action News Republicans in the House will vote Wednesday on whether they should file a taxpayer-funded lawsuit against the President for his decision not to enforce portions of the Affordable Care Act.

During his speech, the President will recognize some local residents who joined him for dinner Tuesday night.

"There's no specific new policy announcement that the President will be prepared to make tomorrow, but I think what you can expect to hear the President talk about is the experience that he had the night before of meeting with these middle-class families from Kansas City that had written him a letter,” Ernest explained. “So he'll use their story to tell a story about what he's fighting for in Washington."

Security staff told us the security procedures will be very tight at the door. Everyone will need an ID in-hand. Large bags, banners and signs will not be allowed.

People headed inside Uptown Theater can expect a screening similar to what you're used to at the airport.

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