Chiefs '66 AFL championship pendant recovered from former player's charred KC home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A former Kansas City Chiefs player and his family are grateful to be alive after a fire destroyed their home early Friday morning. After sifting through the rubble that afternoon, they have another thing to be thankful for – finding a priceless memento from the Chiefs' appearance in Super Bowl I.

The home near 113th and Wornall, where former Chiefs player Fletcher Smith and his family live, went up in flames a little after 1 a.m. Friday. A grease fire started in the kitchen and fanned the more than 5,000 square-foot home fast.

Firefighters spent more than 45 minutes getting the massive flames under control.

Smith's daughter, Felicia, is thankful her husband, three kids and father were able to get out of the house safely.

"It was just overwhelming … I'm still kind of just in shock about it," Felicia said. "I can't believe we got everybody out of here because of how large the house is."

She's also thankful to come back and find her father's Super Bowl championship pendant from 1966.

"Kansas City Chiefs 1966 (AFL) champions," Felicia said. "He was the first person to kick off the AFL Super Bowl."

It's a piece of history she says is irreplaceable, but nothing is more precious than family who all managed to escape the flames.

The Smiths want to thank their neighbor for giving them clothes and shoes to wear, and The Red Cross for giving them a place to stay for the weekend.

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