Shawnee businesses counter construction with social media

Shawnee, Kan. - Business owners in downtown Shawnee, Kan., are banding together to campaign for your business through social media. Tamara Hudson, owner of Encore on Johnson Drive, said her business has taken a big hit since construction started on a portion of Johnson Drive last month.

"Traffic is down seventy percent," she estimates. Weeknights are the worst. "3:00 p.m. and it is a ghost town."

But she and the other business owners are trying to put a positive spin on this and get your attention online.

"If Will from Old Shawnee Pizza posts something about a special, we need to repost that," she said of the group. And they have been. One Old Shawnee Pizza Facebook post about worries over construction and the message to #ShopLocal earned a lot of supportive comments and the post was shared 19 times.

Soon, the business owners will also have extra signs and banners, and plan to take out summer advertising together. Construction on that particular portion of Johnson Drive is expected to last six months.

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