Siblings work together to save each other from burning home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A fire at a townhouse complex on Mary Lou Williamson Lane in Kansas City has left 13 people without a home. However, for one family, survival is all that mattered. 

The fire was Pastor Gloria Watson's biggest test of faith.

 "But I knew God had it," Watson said.

Inside her living room are seven reasons why she's counting her blessings: her grandchildren.

"And I thank God for it, thank you Jesus," she said.

Each of her grandchildren is safe and sound now, but it was a different case across the street Thursday morning. All seven siblings were in their townhouse when it caught fire. The youngest, Dimeu, is just 6 months old.

However, instinct quickly kicked in for Jesse and his 15-year-old sister. 

"I just immediately thought about getting my brothers out of the house," Emoni Williamson said. "I wasn't thinking about anything else."

"I told them just keep what you got on and just get out of the house," Jesse said.

Neither of the siblings had to think twice about running outside to safety and all stuck together; it's a lesson their grandma has always taught them.

"That lets me know that our teaching wasn't in vain," Gloria Watson said, "and lets me know they were paying attention, they used their head."

The family's home is destroyed along with all their belongings. Through the hugs and tears, Toni Watson is just thankful her kids are alive. 

"If it wasn't for her (Emoni) I wouldn't have my babies," she said.

Grandma Watson now has a full house, but she couldn't feel any more blessed or proud of all the tests her family has passed. 

"Because they stayed together," she said.

The Red Cross is helping the families from both of the homes damaged by the fire.

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