Smear campaign targets Hickman Mills School Board

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Voters in the Hickman Mills School District got a surprise this weekend when they received mailers attacking incumbent members of the school board.

They target incumbent members Bonnaye Mims, Dan Osman and Karry Palmer.

Kansas City City Council Member John Sharp organized a last minute news conference on Sunday with the members to address the allegations, he describes as vicious.

"I've seen a lot of dirty tricks and I have never seen anything as vicious as this.  It’s aimed at not just trying to win an election but trying to destroy people's reputation, Sharp said.

The attack mailers' allegations range from failure to pay child support to mis-allocation of funds.

The Hickman Mills School District is a provisionally accredited district.  The school board recently extended Superintendent Dennis Carpenter's contract.

 School Board President Eric Lowe says the mailers are a negative distraction.

"Actions such as this cast a negative light on not only our district but our students and our community as a whole," Lowe shared.

A similar smear campaign happened last year  in the Hickman Mills district. It targeted two candidates. Both lost.

"The anonymous mails last year worked.  I think that's why we’re seeing them again.  They were nasty.  They weren't in the same ball game as these," Sharp shared.

The election for the Hickman Mills School Board is Tuesday, April 8th.

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