Smoke coming from school bus spooks students, onlookers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - No one could miss the school bus carrying high school students to a field trip at the Nelson Atkins Museum Thursday. Plumes of black smoke coming out of the tail pipe caught the attention of many drivers and people on the sidewalks.

One student we spoke with told us everyone onboard was spooked.

"It was really scary at first, I was sort of panicking," student Mickell Miller said.  "We were nervous. At one point we thought it was going to blowup."

Thankfully, the students made it safely to the museum.

We showed the video to Johnson County Automotive Service who said by the looks of it, it's not a safety issue for those onboard since it was coming from the tail pipe. The mechanic believes it was an issue from inside the engine which definitely needs to be fixed sooner than later.

We also called the bus service First Student but our calls were not returned.

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