SNL writers stop by Parkville on their float down the Missouri River

PARKVILLE, Mo. - About two weeks ago, we told you about Justus Mclarty and his girlfriend, Becca Landis.

They both work for Saturday Night Live, and are spending the summer floating down the Missouri River on their pontoon.

Tuesday, they stopped in the Kansas City area, and 41 Action News caught up with them in Parkville, Mo.

"You really just let the world go by you, Mclarty said. "It's fun to meet people fun to see new places. I've never been to KC before."

The two say they've seen a lot of flood damage along the way. They are hoping to arrive in Memphis by mid-July.

It's been really nice how generous everyone has been to us and how excited they are about what we're doing," Landis said.

They have a cook stove and two beds on the boat. About every third day they stop at a town and see some of the sights.

This is Justus Mclarty's third river trip; In 2008 he floated down the Mississippi, and last year he did the Yukon River.

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