Snow Creek Ski Resort opens Saturday

WESTON, Mo. - Snow skiers in the Kansas City area will soon be able to hit the slopes.  Snow Creek Ski Resort, in Weston, Mo., is preparing to open for the season on Saturday.

Workers have tested the chair lifts, put up signs, and groomed the ski runs.  They also put up padding to protect the chair lifts and snow guns.

"Things are looking fantastic.  We got off to a great start with that arctic cold front that came down the past week and a half, so we were able to really make a lot of snow," said Darin Pond of Snow Creek.

The ski area started up its snowmakers about a week and a half ago when the weather turned cold.  So far, Snow Creek has made almost two and a half feet of snow.

"I've been out here for eight years and I haven't seen us be able to make this much snow this early, so this is really unusual and a great start for the season," Pond said.

Snow Creek ran its snow guns so much on Wednesday that it ran out of water.  It will refill its retention pond to keep making more snow throughout the winter months.

"When we do get the warm up -- since we do have such a high base you know – sure, we're going to lose a little bit, but we can groom it, push it out. The nights get cold, we can just add on top of that," Pond said.

Snow Creek Ski Resort opens for the season on Saturday, December 14th, at 9 a. m. and usually stays open until the second week of March.

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