Snow doesn't slow grocery store sacker

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dwight Jernigan spent a snowy Sunday in and out of the Thriftway on Main. He had to push the shopping carts a little harder to get the tiny wheels through the snow, but he didn't mind.

"It's all good in Mr. Roger's neighborhood!" he laughed. That was his response each time someone asked him how he was doing. The grocery sacker happily asked each customer, "Are you walking or driving?" and if they brought their car, he brought their groceries to it. Sometimes he'd have to insist when customers would say, "Oh I've got it."

By noon the snow was coming down hard and heavy, making customers run inside from their cars as soon as they parked. Jernigan never changed his pace.

 "I'm like the post man," he laughed." Rain, sleet or snow, I've got to go! I don't mind helping nobody. It is part of my job and I love it."

Jernigan has worked at the store for three years and can't remember a day the weather stopped he and the other sackers from helping customers to their cars.

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