Snow in May messes with best-laid plans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thousands of people usually attend the Brookside Arts Fair, but this year the weather is not cooperating.

The opening night of the festival was postponed after strong winds and rain caused a tent to blow over and artists could not set up.

However, as the fair organizers have said for years, rain or shine the Brookside Arts Fair will open on Saturday at 10 a.m.

Local eatery the Blue Grotto ordered extra food, booze and brought in additional staff to prepare for the large crowds trickling in for what is usually the busiest weekend in Brookside.

Both artists and businesses hope to see some sunshine or at least supporters so all their hard work in the crazy May weather pays off.

Meanwhile, floral designer Craig Sole of Craig Sole designs said he is dealing with brides who are supposed to get married outside in Kansas City on Saturday.

But they're no bridezillas -- Sole said his brides are from Kansas City and know what the weather is like around here. While the brides know to possibly expect rain or severe weather planning their big day in May, none of them expected snow the days following up to the wedding.

Some outdoor weddings are moving inside tents to keep the flowers and guests from getting too cold.

Watch the video player above to see how artists and businesses are handling the weather delay in stride.

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