Spirit Airlines crop circle near Kansas City International Airport took two days to create

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Spirit Airlines logo that appeared in a field near KCI  the second week of July was the handiwork of Rob Stouffer, owner of Precision Mazes, who has spent the last 14 years designing mazes and crop circles across the country.

Stouffer told 41 Action News on Thursday Spirit approached him about making the giant logo, which covers some 20 acres in a soybean field, about three weeks ago.

His team of designers plotted out how to best transfer the logo to the field before deciding on a method that involved cutting and mulching the soybeans.

"There was a lot of prep work ahead of time, so probably we were on-site for about two days," Stouffer said. "But there was much, much prep work done ahead of time."

Stouffer says his team uses GPS to make precise measurements and cuts in a project that can't fully be seen or appreciated by the artist on the ground.

Stouffer would not disclose how much he was paid by Sprit to produce the crop design, but said the farmer who's land it is on was also compensated for his destroyed crops.

"He was fully aware," Stouffer said.  "No surprises there. He didn't wake up and wonder who did this. He was a willing participant."

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