Who says Star Wars toys are just for boys?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City woman loves the galaxy far, far away just as much as her adult sons and has the action figures in her basement to prove it.

"My children love Star Wars. I grew up loving Star Wars because I was a senior in college. It came out," Patti SlosburgĀ said.

Slosburg works at Brookside Toy & Science .

"We get people in here all the time buying Star Wars Legos and it's for them, it's not for their kids," she said.

She didn't know about the latest casting announcement for the new movie.


"Oh my God, so Princess Leia is going to play herself? Oh, Harrison Ford! Oh my God, what a cast! Even for me, it's about my childhood, even though I was in college," she said.

The toys you won't see on the shelves at the toy store are her sons' vintage Star Wars action figures Slosburg keeps safe.

"I'm not allowed to get rid of anything that's in the basement," she said.

She knows her "collection" is probably only going to grow with the next generation since she hopes her sons will soon start families of their own.

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