Steelhawk at Worlds of Fun freezes, riders stuck for about fifteen minutes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Plenty of riders packed the Steelhawk Friday hours after it stranded riders in the air.

"It felt like an hour," laughed Josh Olveras. 

He and his kids posted pictures and videos to social media while they were stuck on the ride for what was really probably more like fifteen minutes. Worlds of Fun officials said the ride got stuck about fifteen feet up the 300 foot tall ride.

"Oh no, I think we were much higher than that," Olveras said. He thought they were about a third of the way up the ride that has a history of leaving customers stranded.

In 2012, then called the Wind Seeker at Knots Berry Farm, riders got stuck at the top of the ride for more than three hours.

Knowing that history made Olveras feel a little helpless.

"I’m just sitting there as a parent. There's a lot more, you know, just different scenarios going through your mind like I hope this thing doesn't just let loose and we fall down!" he said.

Pete Trabucco, author of America's Top Roller Coasters and Amusement Parks, swears by the safety of these swing rides and the industry.

"This particular ride was doing exactly what it was supposed to do," Trabucco said. "This type of ride is very sensitive to different types of conditions and what happens is it automatically shuts down and goes into failsafe mode which means nothing moves. Everything stops. The brakes lock."

We pulled the state's inspection to open the ride performed just two weeks ago. From structural to electrical to mechanical, all systems passed.

The incident clearly isn't keeping people off of Steelhawk.

Olveras, on the other hand, might steer clear for a while.  

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