Strausburg police chief fired during council meeting

STRAUSBURG, Mo. - Strausburg residents say the abuse of power continues in their town after the mayor fired the police chief during a Saturday afternoon council meeting

One council member described it as an abuse of power. First the Strausburg Mayor locked everyone out of city hall and on Saturday he fired the police chief.

Mayor Merle Gates attended the council meeting armed with several keys to the front door.
The mayor had been accused of changing the locks at city hall and hiding the town's only police car.

During the council meeting, he gave no explanation for his actions before going into a closed session. Several residents stood outside waiting for answers when Police Chief Aaron Roberts was asked to come back inside.  The mayor informed the two-year veteran of the force that he was terminated.

Roberts said in the past, the mayor has accused him of stealing gas, and he accused the mayor of telling him not to pull over drivers leaving the local bar.

 Roberts plans to fight for his job."The chief of police in any municipality in Missouri cannot be terminated without just cause and there was no just cause given," Roberts said.

The mayor lives down the street from the city hall building. We talked to several residents who say they are looking forward to the April elections.  They hope to vote in a new mayor.

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